Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Note to Developers

There are a few things I'd like to say about how games seem to be run these days. There are many things being done seriously wrong.

Stop pumping out new content when a) existing content is tragically broken, b) the new content adds nothing noteworthy to the game or c) it has nothing to do with content you promised moths or even years prior.

Some horrible offenders to this are Runes of Magic and League of Legends. Runes of Magic has an unbelievable amount of crashing. In Siege War, I often crash just loading in. This, however is more reasonable since it is a beta feature. Less reasonable is crashing every time I go through a town that was implemented over 2 years ago. Yes, two years later, it still crashes there. At least the new content brings something new to the game when it is released.

League of Legends is an entirely different story. Every 2 weeks, they pump out a new champion. Almost none of them are played beyond the week they are released and the week they are free. On top of that, most of them play the same and are weaker than a champion that already exists. Example, Vayne is basically a ranged version of the existing champion Poppy. Oh boy. Lee Sin, a champion that everyone has wanted to exist for a year, is completely worthless. There is a relatively small percentage of champions that see any use. This is because the rest of them do not fill the same role as well as the ones used. Making all champions viable is completely unreasonable as, with the number of champions that now exist, it would take far too much time, effort and money to get it just right. This leaves us with new content that is completely worthless being produced every 2 weeks as opposed to features that everyone wants/ would use.

We only got mastery pages this week. Everyone has wanted those since release. We still don't have achievements even though there was a page for them a year ago. We used to have normal game statistics and those were inexplicably removed. We only recently got the tribunal, another long awaited feature. We still don't have Magma Chamber; the new map we were promised ages ago. Instead, we have 45 worthless champions. If you aren't going to release something, don't say you're going to. Its Duke Nukem Forever all over again. I expect 10 years before we see Magma Chamber at this rate. By then we will have 400 worthless champions and no achievements.

Also, Guild Wars 2 was slated to be released years ago and we still don't even have a solid timeline. 2008 was supposed to be beta testing originally and it still hasn't happened. At least they spend time on it instead of announcing then ignoring it. That I can understand.

Anyways, music. This is Those Who Fight from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Non Stop Grinding

Yesterday, I spent the entire day grinding cyclops for money in Runes of Magic. So much easier with my lvl 60 staff. Now I just need to get my housekeeper trained up for drop potions and I can really start banking. I really need to find something better to do. Then again, that would quickly degenerate into watching anime for 2 straight days like last time.

Short post today, I actually have work to do for once. Here is the opening theme from Black Lagoon. If you like gun fights and insanity, you'll love Black Lagoon.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yard work... not fun

Since it finally stopped raining, it was time to go and get the weed eater going. Hah, right. So we bought a new one and my dad made me go do the work. 45 minutes later I go inside to eat some soup and I can't lift the spoon. Those things really kill your forearm strength. I think I'll stick to gaming.

I hit level 60 this morning in Runes of Magic and promptly doubled my damage output on acquisition of a cheap lvl 60 staff. Now everything I thought to be average to difficult dies in 1-2 hits. What a difference. Time to farm Cyclops Lair. I'm also working on my cooking skill as a secondary source of income.

I didn't play League of Legends other than a co-op vs AI for my first win bonus. We had a Ryze who was miserably bad, but its co-op vs AI and everyone knows its making newer players worse rather than better.

Not much else to talk about today other than I intend to play Final Fantasy X finally. We'll see how that goes. I'm rather easily pull back into MMO games over single player.

Today's music is some background music from the anime .hack//SIGN. My all time favourite anime. This song is also quite fun to play in Audiosurf.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Continuing on with Life

So I played one game of League of legends last night as Xin Zhao and went 11/0/4. First blood came with their Nocturne throwing his Q at Taric and I in a bush. He then proceeded to facecheck and pass us as if he didn't know we were there. Three talon strike, a Taric stun and a critical later, he was dead. From there I cleaned house.

In Runes of Magic news, I will hit level 60 tomorrow with daily quests, so I'm excited. I went back and did a bunch of quests I couldn't do before because I was too weak. That was worth a few mil exp.

Music for today is the closing theme from Vampire Knight.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh, yeah, blogging; right.

Well, it has been a while since I posted. University exams, moving and job hunting are to blame. Also, I moved back to my parents house for the summer to save some money. This means my internet is slower, so I don't know if I'll be uploading many videos. In place of that, I think I will start linking some of my favourite video game/anime music.

I've been playing Runes of Magic again. Its a WoW-like free MMO I played years ago and theres lots of new content for me to play since I quit. My favourite part of the game is the dual class system I am a 59/50 Mage/Priest.

Other than that I spent the majority of the last 2 days watching Welcome to the NHK. It is an anime about a socially isolated college dropout who attempts to reintegrate into society. It was really good. Had to be to make me sit and watch 24 episodes in 2 days. I also heard a hilarious 3 word summary of the anime Darker Than Black: "Chinese electric Batman".

Anyways, some music.

This is a piano arrangement of Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger. Ahh the good old days.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Low End Leage of Legends

So I made a low level LoL account out of curiosity of the abilities of the new players and I have to say I'm disappointed. First game I went Miss Fortune mid and before the creep wave came, an Alistar ran at me under my tower and gave me first blood. Then there were 2 people laning mid. 20 minutes in 2 people were still lvl 2. I know there are people who read this blog that don't play this game, so just because you've never played a game of this type doesn't mean you'll just get rocked if you try. There are people who are in the same position. The game is really fun with friends so give it a try. Also, if you use my referral link and get to summoner level 5, I get bonuses. So, if you want, support me and maybe find a game you can spend your free time on.

On another note, the reason I haven't been posting much is because of exams. Hooray exams.

Monday, April 4, 2011

LoL matchmaking is so bad...

I'm playing in a 4 man premade and we always seem to get the worst 5th players ever. Take this Renekton. He was never in a team fight, ran away from at least 6 ganks that were so easy it wasn't even funny and somehow he gets placed with a 4 man premade that has a history of doing relatively well. In other games, I often find one team wins almost from the start. The other team gets so badly outplayed, regardless of whether the match goes beyond 20 minutes, there is no way they could win. Normal games are especially bad.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Borderlands Episode 4

The audio issues should be fixed after this episode. I need to record new ones.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh hi.

Haven't posted because either not much has happened, or I forgot what I did by the time I went to post.

Anyways, I played some ranked games last night. Played one as Udyr jungling. I do a level 2 gank when the creep wave hits the end of the lane, so I go toward the river bush and I see a Vlad walk in and I think "oh crap that ruined that". He stayed in that bush and the other person in the lane didn't look like he noticed. Would have been a free first blood if Nocturne was paying attention. They also had a jungle Shaco who had 3 assholes by 10 mins because I kept ripping him new ones. We won that match quite easily. Played another with a friend duo queue and the other tema chose to ban Irelia and Urgot. I figures we'd have Malphite one team and Amumu the other. Their team not only didn't pick either, they didn't pick a tank at all. Also, the picked pure magic damage. I built 180 MR on Annie and we won the game.

I also played a few 4 man premade normal games. A few of those I played Anivia laning with a Taric. Holy level 2 damage Batman. Taric stun + flash frost double hit stun + frostbite = enemy under half. They had 2 completely underfarmed and underleveled characters each game. Once mid game rolled around I started completely cleaning house because I could free farm and had a couple laning kills. That and we had 4 different enemies bottom by 5 minutes because they kept switching and getting wrecked.

So, what was the worst thing you've ever laned against?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Borderlands Episode 3

Fresh off the editor. Audio is still a little off because it was recorded at the same time as the last one. It should be corrected for episode 5 as 4 is also already recorded.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What did I just see?

So I was playing a game as Katarina against a team with 3 heavies/tanks, a Lux and a Malzahar. I went mid against Malzahar and had a rather uneventful laning phase. Our team was always pushed up and I wasn't going to do much other than hope bouncing blade hit him. Finally, my team starts to let their team push. I go top to gank the Malphite and Shen to see Malphite has a low max health. I think "Ok, he probably has some magic resistance." I shunpo in and start my ult only to watch him die within 2 seconds. Odd. I looked at his items and he had berserker greaves and a phage. What? I chose not to care and proceeded to run him up to 0/11. We were playing fairly cautiously at this point for some unexplained reason since they were no real threat. I went to gank bottom, jumped to Lux and hit my ult. She flashed out but Garen decided to fight my 2 teammates while taking my ult damage. Ok, free kill for me. Later, their team pushed an inner tower and 3 of us ran from mid and steamrolled their team. That's basically how it ended. 14/2/11 for me. Lost the next game due to a feeding Renekton despite going 10/1/8. I was mad.

In other news, my computer science professor said we would likely be done lectures 2 weeks early. Also, my math midterm mark came back and apparently almost everyone in the class failed. The test was out of 42 and the marks I've heard were 1,7,10,11,11,13,15 and my 26. The professor walked into the lecture hall on Monday like he was walking into a funeral. He then changed the total to 32. I am still the only one I am aware of who passed. Brutal.

Anyways, I will be posting a new Borderlands video either tomorrow night or on Thursday.

Monday, March 21, 2011

More League and some rage

Last night I was playing Lux having some fun. Our team had 2 really bad pickups feeding their carries. I stopped caring and started laser sniping. Their team was pretty bad too. They could win every team fight but they couldn't push to win. The 20+ kill Katarina eventually won though. I was just making the best of a bad game and I saw a Malphite with 150 hp left trying to recall. I didn't see him until there was about 2 seconds left on the countdown but the moment I saw it I charged my laser and "You have slain an enemy!" He proceeded to rage hardcore. 6/7/13 was my final score. The 2 pickups had at least 15 deaths a piece.

In other news, I am sitting at school right now when i shouldn't be because my 8 am class was canceled. The email was sent no more than 5 minutes after my last check last night. I'm pretty annoyed. Oh well. I should probably start my computer science assignment.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

League of Legends and Monopoly

Last night was Board Game night in the computer science department at my university.  We played Monopoly for about 4 hours.  One guy bankrupted about 20 minutes in. It was another 3 hours before anyone else dropped out.  We get really creative with our deals, so everyone had some sort of deal where they didn't have to pay on certain properties, or shared profits on some squares.  One person with a profit sharing deal had no money left and all their properties were mortgaged, but because he had that deal, he survived until almost the end. His downfall was his deals where I didn't have to pay rent on his properties. I landed on them almost every time through and didn't pay a dollar.

I was running on yellow properties for 80% of the game. Most people would say that isnt a great idea since they do have one of the lower return rates on the board. Everyone else managed to land on them almost every time through. This saved me from landing on dark blue spaces a total of 6 times throughout the game.  It ultimately came down to me with red and yellow spaces with a ton of money after I bankrupted one player against someone with next to no cash and 3/4 of the board.  Unfortunately I had to catch a bus, so we didn't finish the game, but either one of us could have won.

In League of Legends news, I think Nocturne sucks.  The only real practical use for his ult with good players is to stop Shen from using his ultimate.  Whenever he goes after me, I just turn around and either snare him or kill him on the way in depending on what character I play.  Once you're at the team fight stage,just have the tank, or anyone with some sort of crowd control watch for him when he uses paranoia and make sure you don't run too far from your team when you're low.  He will then be in what is likely a 3-4v1 since the team fight prior to this would be 5v4 with squishies fleeing or dead. Then, being a melee DPS (which i see as a very ineffective role) he will die very quickly, or not damage fast enough to kill anyone depending on how he built. The spell shield won't save him. Note this is just my experience against him. You may have seen otherwise.

Other than that, I played a match as Katarina last night against a Blitzcrank who didn't know to mash his face on his keyboard and he would likely press one of 3 buttons that would interrupt my ultimate. I also found out Amumu's ult doesn't stop it from channeling. I went 14/5/17 in that match. I also played a match as Ashe where, near the end, I took out their Shen followed by having a Twisted Fate teleport behind me and die 1v1 followed by having an Annie try to take me from 3/4 hp. We killed each other at the same time. 1 for 3 seems worth it. My final score was 15/4/12. I also played 2 other matches finishing 1/0/0 and 3/5/7 in 2 defeats as Ashe.

That's about all for the last couple days. I might post a League of Legends game this weekend.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Borderlands Episode 2

It is finally here!

Borderlands (Finally)

I just had the opportunity to record 3 Borderlands episodes with Nick. I will be uploading one episode a week hopefully from now until the playthrough is over.  It will be a complete playthrough with all DLCs.  Episode 2 should be uploaded some time tomorrow and as soon as I can, I will post the video here as well. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

One day, it'll happen

Still no Nick to record Borderlands episode 2. I've been playing League of Legends while I wait. Maybe I'll just have to record one of these games and upload that tonight instead. Not much else has happened today. My university avoided a strike, so no extra time for me. And in the middle of making this post I just recorded a League of Legends match. I will upload that tonight.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glorious Day!

Recently, my Guild Wars account was blocked due to someone other than myself accessing it. After several days in contact with NCSoft support, I have regained access to my account!

For anyone who has played this game, I began almost 6 years ago playing off and on. I have done nearly everything there is to do in this game. I have 27 maxed titles on my Elementalist and over 12,000 fame. I was a hardcore PvPer back in the prime of the game. I have over 7000 hours logged in 68 months.  Unfortunately, the community now is nothing like it used to be and from what I've heard about Guild Wars 2, I may never play it.  Maybe one day, for completion's sake, I will complete my God Walking Among Mere Mortals title, especially with the changes to Survivor. Along with my last Guardian title, that would give me a total of 30 (the last being Legendary Guardian).

Well, there's my bit of joy for the day. Does anyone even play Guild Wars anymore?

Borderlands Episode 2

Still waiting for Nick to show up. I wasn't home at all yesterday and I still have not heard from him. Hopefully I can get this recorded tonight.

Friday, March 11, 2011

So to this point, Nick has not shown up to record. Thanks kid.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Borderlands Episode 2

I will likely be recording Borderlands episode 2 tomorrow and uploading it on the weekend.


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