Monday, March 21, 2011

More League and some rage

Last night I was playing Lux having some fun. Our team had 2 really bad pickups feeding their carries. I stopped caring and started laser sniping. Their team was pretty bad too. They could win every team fight but they couldn't push to win. The 20+ kill Katarina eventually won though. I was just making the best of a bad game and I saw a Malphite with 150 hp left trying to recall. I didn't see him until there was about 2 seconds left on the countdown but the moment I saw it I charged my laser and "You have slain an enemy!" He proceeded to rage hardcore. 6/7/13 was my final score. The 2 pickups had at least 15 deaths a piece.

In other news, I am sitting at school right now when i shouldn't be because my 8 am class was canceled. The email was sent no more than 5 minutes after my last check last night. I'm pretty annoyed. Oh well. I should probably start my computer science assignment.

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