Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh hi.

Haven't posted because either not much has happened, or I forgot what I did by the time I went to post.

Anyways, I played some ranked games last night. Played one as Udyr jungling. I do a level 2 gank when the creep wave hits the end of the lane, so I go toward the river bush and I see a Vlad walk in and I think "oh crap that ruined that". He stayed in that bush and the other person in the lane didn't look like he noticed. Would have been a free first blood if Nocturne was paying attention. They also had a jungle Shaco who had 3 assholes by 10 mins because I kept ripping him new ones. We won that match quite easily. Played another with a friend duo queue and the other tema chose to ban Irelia and Urgot. I figures we'd have Malphite one team and Amumu the other. Their team not only didn't pick either, they didn't pick a tank at all. Also, the picked pure magic damage. I built 180 MR on Annie and we won the game.

I also played a few 4 man premade normal games. A few of those I played Anivia laning with a Taric. Holy level 2 damage Batman. Taric stun + flash frost double hit stun + frostbite = enemy under half. They had 2 completely underfarmed and underleveled characters each game. Once mid game rolled around I started completely cleaning house because I could free farm and had a couple laning kills. That and we had 4 different enemies bottom by 5 minutes because they kept switching and getting wrecked.

So, what was the worst thing you've ever laned against?


  1. Well, as Mundo vs Janna & Corki
    Janna was outzoning me with shield and I couldn't do anything!

  2. I'm bad at LoL. But I did go 10/6/20 on rammus once.

    Although it was coop vs. ai

  3. Double stun lanes make me want to kill myself

  4. Gonna start playing lol again in a couple of hours