Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What did I just see?

So I was playing a game as Katarina against a team with 3 heavies/tanks, a Lux and a Malzahar. I went mid against Malzahar and had a rather uneventful laning phase. Our team was always pushed up and I wasn't going to do much other than hope bouncing blade hit him. Finally, my team starts to let their team push. I go top to gank the Malphite and Shen to see Malphite has a low max health. I think "Ok, he probably has some magic resistance." I shunpo in and start my ult only to watch him die within 2 seconds. Odd. I looked at his items and he had berserker greaves and a phage. What? I chose not to care and proceeded to run him up to 0/11. We were playing fairly cautiously at this point for some unexplained reason since they were no real threat. I went to gank bottom, jumped to Lux and hit my ult. She flashed out but Garen decided to fight my 2 teammates while taking my ult damage. Ok, free kill for me. Later, their team pushed an inner tower and 3 of us ran from mid and steamrolled their team. That's basically how it ended. 14/2/11 for me. Lost the next game due to a feeding Renekton despite going 10/1/8. I was mad.

In other news, my computer science professor said we would likely be done lectures 2 weeks early. Also, my math midterm mark came back and apparently almost everyone in the class failed. The test was out of 42 and the marks I've heard were 1,7,10,11,11,13,15 and my 26. The professor walked into the lecture hall on Monday like he was walking into a funeral. He then changed the total to 32. I am still the only one I am aware of who passed. Brutal.

Anyways, I will be posting a new Borderlands video either tomorrow night or on Thursday.


  1. Borderlands, many hours have been put into that! and good luck with the edumacation. =p

  2. Damage Malphite is all but extinct... I guess that guy is a good example of why.

  3. Do you notice the same as me playing LoL? Every time i win im like 'meh.. play again' but when I lose i go rage mode and feel like shit afterwards and hate the game? Maybe im just a bad loser haha

  4. Excellent post man! Was a really interesting read! thanks for sharing!