Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Note to Developers

There are a few things I'd like to say about how games seem to be run these days. There are many things being done seriously wrong.

Stop pumping out new content when a) existing content is tragically broken, b) the new content adds nothing noteworthy to the game or c) it has nothing to do with content you promised moths or even years prior.

Some horrible offenders to this are Runes of Magic and League of Legends. Runes of Magic has an unbelievable amount of crashing. In Siege War, I often crash just loading in. This, however is more reasonable since it is a beta feature. Less reasonable is crashing every time I go through a town that was implemented over 2 years ago. Yes, two years later, it still crashes there. At least the new content brings something new to the game when it is released.

League of Legends is an entirely different story. Every 2 weeks, they pump out a new champion. Almost none of them are played beyond the week they are released and the week they are free. On top of that, most of them play the same and are weaker than a champion that already exists. Example, Vayne is basically a ranged version of the existing champion Poppy. Oh boy. Lee Sin, a champion that everyone has wanted to exist for a year, is completely worthless. There is a relatively small percentage of champions that see any use. This is because the rest of them do not fill the same role as well as the ones used. Making all champions viable is completely unreasonable as, with the number of champions that now exist, it would take far too much time, effort and money to get it just right. This leaves us with new content that is completely worthless being produced every 2 weeks as opposed to features that everyone wants/ would use.

We only got mastery pages this week. Everyone has wanted those since release. We still don't have achievements even though there was a page for them a year ago. We used to have normal game statistics and those were inexplicably removed. We only recently got the tribunal, another long awaited feature. We still don't have Magma Chamber; the new map we were promised ages ago. Instead, we have 45 worthless champions. If you aren't going to release something, don't say you're going to. Its Duke Nukem Forever all over again. I expect 10 years before we see Magma Chamber at this rate. By then we will have 400 worthless champions and no achievements.

Also, Guild Wars 2 was slated to be released years ago and we still don't even have a solid timeline. 2008 was supposed to be beta testing originally and it still hasn't happened. At least they spend time on it instead of announcing then ignoring it. That I can understand.

Anyways, music. This is Those Who Fight from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Non Stop Grinding

Yesterday, I spent the entire day grinding cyclops for money in Runes of Magic. So much easier with my lvl 60 staff. Now I just need to get my housekeeper trained up for drop potions and I can really start banking. I really need to find something better to do. Then again, that would quickly degenerate into watching anime for 2 straight days like last time.

Short post today, I actually have work to do for once. Here is the opening theme from Black Lagoon. If you like gun fights and insanity, you'll love Black Lagoon.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yard work... not fun

Since it finally stopped raining, it was time to go and get the weed eater going. Hah, right. So we bought a new one and my dad made me go do the work. 45 minutes later I go inside to eat some soup and I can't lift the spoon. Those things really kill your forearm strength. I think I'll stick to gaming.

I hit level 60 this morning in Runes of Magic and promptly doubled my damage output on acquisition of a cheap lvl 60 staff. Now everything I thought to be average to difficult dies in 1-2 hits. What a difference. Time to farm Cyclops Lair. I'm also working on my cooking skill as a secondary source of income.

I didn't play League of Legends other than a co-op vs AI for my first win bonus. We had a Ryze who was miserably bad, but its co-op vs AI and everyone knows its making newer players worse rather than better.

Not much else to talk about today other than I intend to play Final Fantasy X finally. We'll see how that goes. I'm rather easily pull back into MMO games over single player.

Today's music is some background music from the anime .hack//SIGN. My all time favourite anime. This song is also quite fun to play in Audiosurf.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Continuing on with Life

So I played one game of League of legends last night as Xin Zhao and went 11/0/4. First blood came with their Nocturne throwing his Q at Taric and I in a bush. He then proceeded to facecheck and pass us as if he didn't know we were there. Three talon strike, a Taric stun and a critical later, he was dead. From there I cleaned house.

In Runes of Magic news, I will hit level 60 tomorrow with daily quests, so I'm excited. I went back and did a bunch of quests I couldn't do before because I was too weak. That was worth a few mil exp.

Music for today is the closing theme from Vampire Knight.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh, yeah, blogging; right.

Well, it has been a while since I posted. University exams, moving and job hunting are to blame. Also, I moved back to my parents house for the summer to save some money. This means my internet is slower, so I don't know if I'll be uploading many videos. In place of that, I think I will start linking some of my favourite video game/anime music.

I've been playing Runes of Magic again. Its a WoW-like free MMO I played years ago and theres lots of new content for me to play since I quit. My favourite part of the game is the dual class system I am a 59/50 Mage/Priest.

Other than that I spent the majority of the last 2 days watching Welcome to the NHK. It is an anime about a socially isolated college dropout who attempts to reintegrate into society. It was really good. Had to be to make me sit and watch 24 episodes in 2 days. I also heard a hilarious 3 word summary of the anime Darker Than Black: "Chinese electric Batman".

Anyways, some music.

This is a piano arrangement of Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger. Ahh the good old days.