Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yard work... not fun

Since it finally stopped raining, it was time to go and get the weed eater going. Hah, right. So we bought a new one and my dad made me go do the work. 45 minutes later I go inside to eat some soup and I can't lift the spoon. Those things really kill your forearm strength. I think I'll stick to gaming.

I hit level 60 this morning in Runes of Magic and promptly doubled my damage output on acquisition of a cheap lvl 60 staff. Now everything I thought to be average to difficult dies in 1-2 hits. What a difference. Time to farm Cyclops Lair. I'm also working on my cooking skill as a secondary source of income.

I didn't play League of Legends other than a co-op vs AI for my first win bonus. We had a Ryze who was miserably bad, but its co-op vs AI and everyone knows its making newer players worse rather than better.

Not much else to talk about today other than I intend to play Final Fantasy X finally. We'll see how that goes. I'm rather easily pull back into MMO games over single player.

Today's music is some background music from the anime .hack//SIGN. My all time favourite anime. This song is also quite fun to play in Audiosurf.


  1. .hack//SIGN is awesome!
    i first read "those things really kill your forehead" lol

  2. oh jeez i remember that game.